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Posted By: Little Hawk
30-Jul-07 - 02:01 PM
Thread Name: BS: Time for some more mindless violence...
Subject: RE: BS: Time for some more mindless violence...
LOL! Omigod. I gotta watch this thing at least once a day. It's a great parody of all those extended fight scenes you see in the Hollywood action movies. Think Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, Steven Segal, Van Damme, James Bond, Pirates of the Caribbean, etc...then just add a giant chicken to the mix. Perfect. Note that no police, firemen or military personnel ever show up, despite mahem and property destruction that comes close to Pearl Harbour or 911.

Nope. These two idiots just keep on fighting each other and wreaking utter havoc on the world around them until one of them is apparently dead. Then the victor trudges wearily off into the sunset. it really over??? Don't count on it.