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Posted By: muppitz
31-Jul-07 - 07:46 AM
Thread Name: Warwick F F who is going?
Subject: RE: Warwick F F who is going?
I didn't know there was a list otherwise I would have made the effort to sign it!
I was a Moor & Coast slave as per usual so if you were in it over the weekend you may have known I was there!
Had a bit of a walk round town on Saturday and stumbled into the open mic at the Punch Bowl, so I did a little bit of playing.
I had a good time despite the mud! However I was a little narked at all of the teenybopping groupies Seth Lakeman seems to have gained, most people at the front dancing seemed to be there hero worshipping him because he's nice to look at rather than him being a good musician.
Enjoyed Steve Tilston and Malinky thoroughly, I really wish Malinky would come down to England more often, the Quarterpounders are a bit nifty too, their flautist managed to play a Michael McGoldrick tune with a dislocated thumb, ceilidh dancing to the Glorystrokes is clearly bad for your health!