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Posted By: DebC
31-Jul-07 - 09:39 AM
Thread Name: GPS systems for cars
Subject: RE: GPS systems for cars
I got a TomTom for my birthday last year. Since I have to drive all over the US *and* the UK (not in the same car! :-) ) for my work, I have found it to be a great help in finding places.

One of the problems I have these days is that I can't see to read anymore without my reading glasses. Before the GPS, I would have to write out directions in big, black Sharpie pen and have them next to me on the passenger seat. Unfortunately, this system causes me to take my eyes off the road to scan the directions, which causes me to slow down, which...well, you know where I am going with this.

I cannot multi-task, especially when I am driving. Having the voice call out the turns is a wonderful solution to many pages of directions on the seat of the car. For a ten-gig tour, those papers get pretty numerous and un-wieldly. I now travel with one or two pieces of paper that show the venue's address and phone number in my tour folder.

And as with anything, there is always going to be common sense that has to be employed and a GPS or Sat-Nav is no exception. I get directions as I would have in the past and then check the route on a physical map before I leave (my TomTom will show you maps and texts) just so I have an idea where I am going.

Deb Cowan