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Posted By: PoppaGator
31-Jul-07 - 06:10 PM
Thread Name: Origins: When the Saints Go Marching In
On the wall behind the bandstand at Preservation Hall, venerable French Quarter home of the best in old-timey traditional jazz, is a sign reading:

Requests: $2
Traditional Requests: $1
"The Saints": $10

I might be wrong on the dollar-amounts; it's an old, faded, yellowed sign from the 1950s and the prices predate many years of inflation, but the message is clear: "We're sick of playing nothing but this one tired old song for you tourists!!!"

Of course, a song has to have plenty of intrinsic value to become over-played and trite to the point of nausea, and this is a wonderful song or it would never have become so popular. But, enough already!

Somebody from the UK must have posted that Wikipedia article ~ how else can one explain the listing of all those Brit soccer teams above the genuine "owners" of this song as a rallying cry, the New Orleans Saints?

As most of you who are Americans and even slightly aware of spectator sports, the traditionally lousy Saints suddenly became a truly excellent pro football team last year, just when our poor devastated city needed something good to happen.

Right now it's almost time for another football season to begin, with high expectations for our newly-respectable NFL team to perform even more brilliantly than last year. The preseason home opener is just ten days away ~ the Buffalo Bills will be at the Superdome on Friday evening, Aug 10 ~ and the wife and I will "be in that number," occupying the cheapest seats in the whole National Football League, high above the south end zone.

"WHEN THE SAINTS," indeed!