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Posted By: Paul G.
14-Apr-00 - 07:02 PM
Thread Name: ASCAP, more crap
Subject: RE: ASCAP, more crap
Here is the end of the story from Kate, posted to the Friends of FLorida Folk list...

All's well that ends well.

Hi everyone. I played my gig at the Fernandina Beach Public Library last night. No ASCAP people were there to hassle me. I had a wonderful, intimate audience of about 25 people or so who listened to every word I sang. What a great place to play! I had a great time, and from the looks on their faces and comments, so did they.

For all of you performers out there who like to sing to people who will LISTEN to you attentively without blowing smoke in your face, I would suggest trying to get yourself booked into libraries. These programs are usually funded by the Friends of the Library. Sometimes they have adult series, and during the summer the focus is on children.

There has been a hassle in the past about selling my product. They didn't want me to sell my tapes and CD's in the library, because of policy. Well, in my county they took it to the County Commissioners, and decided to treat it like an author's book signing. So now they let me sell my stuff.

Thanks to all who have contributed to the discussion on ASCAP/BMI. I learned a lot.

Kate Carpenter