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Posted By: Folkiedave
05-Aug-07 - 05:01 PM
Thread Name: Review: Marrowbones (EFDSS Songbook reissue)
Subject: RE: Review: Marrowbones (EFDSS Songbook reissue)
First of all I have no books of the series and I wished I had for they are ready sellers!!

What I think is really important about this thread is some of the stuff that both Steve and Malcolm have said about producing this the first of a series of books.

I do meet people who (rightly) ask why second-hand folk books are expensive and why those in popular and huge demand (Bronson being the obvious example) are not simply republished.

Well here you have it from the re-publishers mouth and a few clues to the thought and research that goes into the republishing of a book.

You might also care to note that for all this - and there is a lot more they haven't mentioned - Malcolm and Steve have no reward - except that of folk music lovers who purchase their work and say thank you.

So say "thank you".