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Posted By: Joe Offer
07-Aug-07 - 10:34 PM
Thread Name: Songbook Indexing: Oak Publications
Subject: Songbook Indexing; Oak Publications
Some of my favorite songbooks were published (mostly in the 1960s) by Oak Publications. I'm not sure of the history of Oak Publications. Their songbooks all seem to have a similar format, and that format is also used in songbooks from People's Songs and from Sing Out! Magazine. If you can post information about the history of Oak Publications, I'll incorporate it into the second message in this thread.

I think this (click) is a pretty good index of Oak Publications still in print

(although it does not include Oak books that have been republished by other companies)

How to use Songbook Indexes

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The assumption is that people who post indexes have the books or have access to them - and they're willing to post any of the songs listed.
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Susan of DT sent me a list of all Oak publications, compiled sometime in the very early 1970s:
Instruction Manuals
1 Art of the Folk Blues Guitar Silverman
2 Beginning the Folk Guitar Silverman
3 Blues Harp Glover
4 Chord-Player's Encyclopedia Silverman
5 Country Blues Guitar Grossman
6 The Dulcimer Book Ritchie
7 Finger Picking Styles for Guitar Traum
8 Flat-Picker's Guitar Guide Silverman
9 Folksinger's Guitar Guide Silverman
10 Folksinger's Guitar Guide, Vol 2 Silverman
11 A Folksinger's Guide to the 12-String Guitar Lester & Seeger
12 Folk Style Autoharp Taussig
13 How to Play the Five-String Banjo Seeger
14 Note-Reading and Music theory for Folk Guitarista Silverman
15 Recorder Guide Nitka & Kulbach
16 Steel Drums of Kim Loy Wong Seeger
American and Contemporary
17 American Favorite Ballads Seeger
18 American Folksong Guthrie
19 American Square Dance Mayo
20 Ballads of Sacco and Vanzetti Guthrie
21 Broadside, Vol. 1 Cunningham
22 California to the New York Island Lampell
23 Coffee House Songbook Edwards
24 Drums of the Americas Howard
25 Ewan MacColl-Peggy Seeger Songbook MacColl & Seeger
26 Fiddle Book Thede
27 Folksongs of Peggy Seeger Seeger
28 Folk Songs of the Southern Appalachians Ritchie
29 Freedom is a Constant Struggle Carawan
30 Hard Hitting Songs for Hard Hitting People Lomax, Guthrie & Seeger
31 Leadbelly Songbook Asch & Lomax
32 Lift Every Voice Silber
33 Little Boxes and Other Homemade Songs Reynolds
34 Muse of Parker Street Reynolds
35 New Lost City Ramblers Songbook Wood
36 900 Miles Houston
37 101 Plus 5 Folk Songs for Camp Cohen
38 The Panic is On Silverman
39 People's Songbook Hille
40 Ramblin' Boy and Other Songs Paxton
41 Reprints from Sing Out, Vols. 1-10
42 Reprints from the People's Song Bulletin, 1946-1949 Silber
43 Soldier Songs and Home Front Ballads of the Civil War Silber
44 Songs for Peace Seeger
45 Songs for Swinging Housemothers Lynn
46 Songs of American Sailormen Colcord
47 Songs of Joe Hill Stavis & Harmon
48 Songs of Phil Ochs Ochs
49 To Hell With Skiing Cohen
50 We Shall Overcome Carawan
Folk Songs of Many Lands
51 Bells of Rhymney Seeger
52 Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem Songbook Clancy
53 Egyptian Folk Songs Rasheed
54 Favorite French Folk Songs Mills
55 Favorite Spanish Folksongs Paz
56 Folk Song and Ballads of Scotland MacColl
57 Folk Songs of Europe Karpeles
58 Folk Songs of France Scott
59 Folk Songs of the Americas Lloyd
60 Irish Songs of Resistance Galvin
61 Jewish Folk Songs Rubin
62 New English Broadsides Joseph & Winter
63 Russian songs Silverman
64 Songs From Shakespeare's Plays Kines
65 Songs of Bertolt Brecht and Hans Eisler Bentley
66 I'm a Freeborn Man MacColl & Seeger
Blues and Jazz
67 The Bluesmen Charters
68 Jazz: New Orleans 1885-1963 Charters
69 Poetry of the Blues Charters
70 Ragtime Songbook Charters
71 They All Played Ragtime Blesh & Janis
72 Ella Jenkins Song Book Jenkins
73 This is Rhythm Jenkins
74 Studies in Ethnomusicology, Vol 1 Kurath et al
75 Studies in Ethnomusicology, Vol 2 Kolinski
76 Slave Songs of the United States Allen et al
New Publications
77 Folk Blues Silverman
78 Broadside, Vol. 2 Cunningham
79 German Folk Songs Kevess
80 Sitar Book Keesee
81 Folk Songs of Greece Alevizos
82 Old-Time Mountain Banjo Rosenbaum
83 Instrumental Techniques of American Folk Guitar Taussig
84 Masters of Instrumental Blues Guitar Garwood
85 Grass Roots Harmony Raim
86 Blue Ridge Mountain Songs Shellans
87 Reprints From Sing Out, Vols. 11
88 Delta Blues Guitar Grossman
89 Jazz on Record: The First 50 Years 1917-1967 McCarthy et al
90 Erotic Muse Cray
91 Folk Lullabies Cass-Beggs
92 Blues Records 1943-1966 Leadbitter & Slavin
93 American Folk Music Occasional Strachwitz & Welding
94 Old-Time Banjo Styles Polacheck
95 story of Australian Folksong Anderson
96 Traditional and Contemporary Finger-Picking Styles Traum
97 Songs that Children Sing Chroman
98 Teach Yourself to Play Guitar Taussig
99 Aspects of the Blues Tradition Oliver