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Posted By: stallion
08-Aug-07 - 04:41 AM
Thread Name: BBC Radio coverage Folk
Subject: RE: BBC Radio coverage Folk
The music will not die out but will maybe struggle to win a new audience. I will not pretend to understand all the calculations and tests for programming that others in this place have explained at length, 700,000 listeners to Ali Andersons prog seems like a lot to me, bearing in mind that in all probability they were actually listening, as opposed to the million and a half who probably only have it as musak and couldn't be arsed to the move the dial to another prog. A test of a prog is if people deliberately and religiously tune in for that one show - like The Archers, Just a minute (wife's poison!) My guess is, like me, one listened to that specific programme, I listened to North Yorkshire Folk because I got to listen to unknown local performers in the live sets and found out what was going on locally as well interviews with MC et al.
So do the producers and station managers want to produce programs for mules to wend there days not listening or carefully directed progs to interest specific sections of the community, like Football, Opera, Folk Music, country music and Pop. For it to be in a mixed bag of general programming is a nonsense, maybe I will be corrected but I have never seen a commercially marketed compilation with Opera, Country Music, Folk, Pop and brass band music on it, not many people would buy it, got no future, so, why do the station managers want to include "minority" music in general programming, they are pissing up all our backs!