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Posted By: Dave'sWife
11-Aug-07 - 11:43 AM
Thread Name: BS: Help with bridal shower
Subject: RE: BS: Help with bridal shower
My Bridal Shower was a simple and lovely saturday brunch feast. The hostess was a former caterer and she made some really wonderful food. We didn't play any games and I enjoyed it very much because the hostess thought to include both invited wedding guests and some owmen who wouldn't be able to come to the wedding but wanted to wish me well nnetheless. She was clever about who she invited and made sure to invite some of my grooms female co-workers who were simply thilled to be included.

My suggestion is to buy a pretty blank journal and ask every guest to write either a favorite recipe or piece of honest advice (no jokes). let the guests know in advance to type up their recipes or handwrite them on cards which can be taped into the books - same goes for the heartfelt advice. Also to be included would be a single photo from each guest of either the couple, the bride or the groom from the course of their frisndhip with them. paste those into the book as well and the bride will have a lovely keepsake.