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Posted By: Malcolm Douglas
12-Aug-07 - 01:00 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Blantyre Explosion
Subject: RE: Blantyre Explosion - the song
Lloyd, Come All Ye Bold Miners (revised edition, 1978, 179-182) prints two sets. The first is from R Greening, Glasgow, February 1951; the text was fragmentary and is collated with another from Mrs Cosgrove, Newtongrange, Midlothian, 11 May 1951. This is the form that I've heard sung by revival singers, though sometimes the tune has turned into 'Streets of Laredo'.

The second was recorded by Robin Morton from John Maguire, Tonaydrummallard, Fermanagh, August 1968 (and also appears in Morton's two books of Ulster folk song). Although obviously related, tune and text differ quite a lot; Maguire learned it in Glasgow, 1920, and recalled that a number of differing versions were in circulation at that time.

Lloyd also prints an extract from a broadside contemporary to the event, 'Fearful Colliery Explosion in Scotland' (Mitchell Library, Glasgow, nd and without imprint). Although -according to Lloyd- it is on the same subject, the text quoted is not otherwise related to the song.

The Roud Folk Song Index lists a further two Scottish examples, and one found in Pennsylvania, under number 1014 (Laws Q35). Note that three examples of 'The Duke of Grafton's Hounds' are currently listed with 1014; this is an error of some kind and will be corrected in a later revision.