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Posted By: GUEST,JKL
12-Aug-07 - 10:34 PM
Thread Name: Lip-synching: Art or Rip-off?
Subject: RE: Lip-synching: Art or Rip-off?
AWG, just because the show you attended didn't appear to be li-synching doesn't mean that previous shows weren't doing it. I mean look at the "great" Pavaroti, he had been lip-synching for a long time until he was busted...after that he had no choice but to go back to singing live. Now, about the "live" DVD. I'll tell you this, I wrote to the producers of the Celtic Woman show, in a journalistic capacity, asking them directly if lip-synching was used for the DVD. The answer was that the audio heard on the DVD and the video seen are pasted together from different "performances" in order to "enhance" the DVD production. This came directly from the CV producers. As far as the "live" DVD at least, yes, it's a conclusive and total misrepresentation, by their own admission. As far as the purportedly live shows, I can speak for that because I haven't attended. My initital comment still applies, though, it's very possible that the earlier shows were in fact lip-synched, and when the rumors started flying and the questions arising, they then possibly went to real live shows. But in regards to the DVD, this is not really a live production, but a dubbed one. Cheers, J.