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Posted By: Little Hawk
14-Aug-07 - 02:38 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Mario, I don't think it's fair to say that the show Star Trek "started out that way" (looking quite silly). I remember what TV shows were like in that era. Other space stories at that time, such as "Lost in Space" were utterly puerile compared to Star Trek. The Star Trek show was extremely innovative, mainly because of some of the very imaginative scripts penned by Gene Rodenberry, who also was responsible later for the "Next Generation". Rodenberry was attempting to write some serious stories with some real philosophical meat in them, presenting a view of, for example, a society without money! Without poverty. Without material or social or racial or cultural inequalities of any sort. A society with one united government, rather than what we have...a world at war with itself. A society where the only impediment to reaching for the highest accomplishments was one's own laziness or lack of ability.

That's utterly revolutionary in the context of 20th Century America. It would be a dream come true, as far as I'm concerned. I'm frankly surprised that the show wasn't attacked for being subversive communist propaganda or something like that...but they were protected by the fact that it was merely "science fiction"...therefore, not to be taken seriously????

Well, Rodenberry was dealing with serious stuff there, and very important stuff. He was pointing the way toward what we as a race could achieve on this planet, and should achieve, but haven't yet had the maturity to achieve.

Aside from the social themes, the show basically ran on the interplay between Spock, Kirk, and McCoy...with other characters playing rather minor roles. The McCoy character was over the top...pretty corny at times...but the Spock character was an inspired one for the time and had an enormous fan base. It was good TV for its time.

The quality of the scripts was badly compromised by the standard Hollywood prime time nonsense: "You gotta have lotsa fist fights and good lookin' babes or Joe Public ain't gonna watch it, cos, never forget: Joe Public is a drooling idiot."

Rodenberry must have been in a constant struggle with that dumbing down of his creation, because his scripts clearly indicate his desire for a more cerebral show...a desire which was better realized later on Next Generation, where Picard proved to be the perfect Captain for a more cerebral approach.

Now, as regards the WSSBA...I did that now and then just for fun, but it was not a major concern. It wasn't that I wanted to create something just like the NFCFFTS as a main thing. I didn't. I just wanted to play around with Shatner some, because I think his peculiar acting style is rather funny in a number of respects, and because I have a lingering fondness for the whole cultural phenomenon OF Star Trek.

The fact that numberless comedians have thought the same thing ("Shatner is funny...Star Trek is funny...I think I'll make some jokes based on that."), that fact gives me comfort, as I am in good company.

I make jokes about Star Trek and Shatner because I have an affection for the show and for the characters on that show. It was part of my youth.