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Posted By: Pete_Standing
14-Aug-07 - 03:52 PM
Thread Name: Lyr/Chords: Dimming of the Day (Richard Thompson)
Subject: RE: Chords Req: Dimming of the Day (Richard Thompson)
I'm pretty sure that Richard plays this in a drop D tuning (ie 6th tuned down to a D). The last time I saw him do a solo gig, he had a special machine head for the sixth string that was fitted with a lever to move from E to D (and back again) quickly. Listening to the chord voicings when he accompanied Linda, I reckon he played with a capo on the first fret and used the chords D, G and A for the verse and A E D and G for the "other bit". When playing the A, the sixth string would have to be avoided, for the E it would be played as 222100 going from 6th to 1st and for the G (as alluded to already) as 550030.

This old house is falling down around my ears
         D                               A

I'm drowning in the river of my tears
    G               D          A

When all my will is gone you hold me sway
    D                               A

I need you at the dimming of the day
G               D       A      D   G D

You pulled me like the moon pulls on the tide
    A                                    E

You know just where I keep my better side
    A                               EADG

and for the last two lines

I need you at the dimming of the day
D               A             D G

I need you at the dimming of the day
D               A             D

Something else I have noted from the lyrics on his web site, he uses the words "I'm drowning in the river... whereas every other web site where I have found the words (as recorded by other people) they say I'm drowning in a river.....

It was only when I tried learning this song did I realise how skillful a singer Linda is. As has already been said, you need a good range to get all of the notes.