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Posted By: wysiwyg
17-Aug-07 - 11:50 AM
Thread Name: BS: Wicked Impediment on WikiPedia?!
Subject: RE: BS: Wicked Impediment on WikiPedia?!
corrected post

NO source is unbaised, as far as that goes. The trick of careful research is to weigh primary and secondary sources in light of their biases, incomplete information, etc. The same thing has been going on in science in recent years-- any latest theory is annoounced and usually swallowed as "... scientists now know that blah blah blah..." when the reality is that science is all about hypothesizing and integrating what is discovered and what is suspected. It's actually more correct to say, "Here's what we think today based on what we know so far."

The spin can be deliberate or just a result of sloppiness.

So I agree that Wiki-type source reliance is silly, but so is a lot of other popular "knowledge." And we (I hope inadvertently) perpetuate a fair amount of it right here at Mudcat, in BS and in music threads.

[shrug] I think it's human to want to feel that we KNOW a thing-- that a thing CAN be fully known. Sometimes we [we human beans] are just in a hurry to get to that feeling?