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Posted By: GUEST,jollbe
17-Aug-07 - 03:52 PM
Thread Name: Pete Seeger documentary project
Subject: Folklore: Pete Seeger Documentary Project
Hello, my name is Josep and I live in Barcelona, Spain. I like Pete Seeger from my twenties (now I am 43) and he has made me love the banjo and try to play it in frailing style. Also I take classes of three fingering style with LluĂ­s Gomez ( I work in the media as a technician and video mixer in Television of Catalonia (TV3). I have been working there for 18 years. I like very much documentary and I want to make a documentary about Pete Seeger. Attention: It has no relation with TV3 is just and only and independent project for me. So TV3 is not behind the project.

If you like very much Pete Seeger's person and music, has followed his career through your life, have attended to his concerts and historic musical moments in his career, also if you play banjo or guitar perhaps for the Pete seeger influence, and you want to make your contribution to this documentary in your own words, please write to me.

Also I am looking for home videos or pictures of concerts, rallys, etc of Pete Seeger.
If you have any please tell me. I will pay for all the transfer to dvd and post.

If you are interested could you send me a mail or send me a letter to: Josep Llovera-Apartado de Correos 396-08080 Barcelona-Spain. Could you answering the following questions with a few words, just to make a first contact the next step for the people who are interested in taking part of the docu will be another more deep interview. All of that in order to make a selection:

-Your relation with the music and career of Pete Seeger.
-What Pete meants to you.
-Why you are interested in participate in the docu.

I will answer all your letters or mails, and think that if you are one of the people who are going to participate to the project I will need more information.

I am looking for common people, not famous, or professional people, just different people, different ages, from different places, etc.

The documentary will be an aproximation to Pete Seeger as a human being. Not through his own ruminations but through the experiences, thoughts, ideas from people like you. I am interested in you, not well-known people from the musical or cultural world or institutional world. I am interested in your perception about Pete. A perception that tells about Pete and about you, not as a objective information but a reflection of the restlessness, emotions and ideals of many of us.

I am just starting the project, so there is a lot of time before I go anywhere to record the images.
Thank you very much.