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Posted By: GUEST,Ian cookieless
18-Aug-07 - 08:28 AM
Thread Name: BS: UK: Where to send phishing emails
Subject: BS: UK: Where to send phishing emails
If you, like me, are sick of phishing emails that ... want my information because some stranger is supposedly offering me a job, or I have won a lottery I haven't entered, or I run a business I don't have and could I please deposit their money in account, or some angry person is demanding I send goods I didn't ever have for sale on Ebay, or there is some suspicious activity on an account with a bank I don't have ... have you ever wondered if the police would be interested?

I have. I searched the net looking for somewhere to forward these emails. The only place I could find was the Met. Though I don't live in London, I contacted the Met, who said they'd be very happy to receive my fraud phishing emails. They have never replied (I know they have better things to do), but i think/hope that if enough people forward their email junk then perhaps the police might act and catch the criminals who want to defraud those more innocent and vulnerable than you and I.

So, if you want to do the same, and I hope you do, the email is: