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Posted By: Mr Red
18-Aug-07 - 11:25 AM
Thread Name: BS: UK: Where to send phishing emails
Subject: RE: BS: UK: Where to send phishing emails
My UK bank didn't want to know. The reason I didn't give them a piece of my mind was because I had already had alerts that my (non-existent) accounts at Lloyds, Halifax, Barclays etc etc needed attention.

Because I own the domain name I use thirty addresses - or one for each contact I think I might be spammed from. Consequently if the "To" address isn't my bank it is a bit of a giveaway, not to mention when I don't deal with that bank.

The more info that can be collected on these, the harder it will be for the criminal. We are talking computers and they can be made to sift very fast. Particularly if we sent them the headers (read "Options" in Outlook). Many clues gives the investigator patterns, if not the actual source (which could be a Zombie anyway).