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Posted By: Peter K (Fionn)
19-Aug-07 - 01:56 PM
Thread Name: BS: Wicked Impediment on WikiPedia?!
Subject: RE: BS: Wicked Impediment on WikiPedia?!
Do young students know how wiki is assembled?

Well, Autolycus, if by wiki you mean Wikipedia (there are lots of wikis, as many young students could tell you), it could hardly make itself more transparent. As an admittedly sweeping generalisation, I'd say old students are more likely than young to find the newer online technologies somewhat baffling.

Uncle DaveO is on to a good point. Some of the cited "abuses" may in fact be perfectly legitimate. Any Amnesty employee prowlihg around Wikipedia at the workplace might reasonably disagree that Amnesty is anti-American, as I do myself. OK maybe that person should have used the monicker "Amnesty employee" but in the end it's no big deal. Wikipedia's strength is the size of the consensus it can usually bring to bear.

Doubters might find it interesting to look up an obviously controversial subject and then click the discussion tab to find out how the article got to be the way it is. More often than not, even quite vitriolic debates end in agreement to work towards wording that can be accepted by all factions as "neutral point of view." Some of the entries concerned with the former Yugoslavia, where some of the contributors were recently and literally at war with each other, are good examples.

There is however one aspect of Wikipedia that makes some people instantly suspicious: no-one seems to be making any money out of it.