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Posted By: Ferrara
21-Aug-07 - 10:59 AM
Thread Name: ADD: (Poor Little Robin) Walkin' to Missouri
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: (Poor Little Robin) Walkin' to Missou
LOL leeneia

It was a neat coincidence that I had just bought the sheet music when Gene asked for this song. (I had the sheet music when the song was new, but lost it at some point.)

Thread creep warning here.... another neat bit of Mudcat serendipity, actually two connected bits of serendipity. Once I was trying to reconstruct a song called "Dear Old Donegal." I remembered it from "Everybody's Favorite Book of Irish Songs for Piano," but only remembered a fragment, as usual. I had been all over the web and not found quite the words I remembered. Then one day I absently started leafing through my father's old notebook: poems, sayings, jokes, etc, all laboriously typed out on a manual typewriter. I found the full text of Dear Old Donegal.

So, I typed it into the computer. About two days later, someone put up a Mudcat request for Dear Old Donegal, saying his grandfather used to sing it. I was able to post it in seconds. Very satisfying.