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Posted By: Joe Offer
12-Feb-98 - 06:46 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Kiss the Children for Me, Mary (MacColl)
Subject: RE: Lyrics
Well, you've got me stumped, BAZ. Your first posting is an excellent example of how a song should look in a word processor, with the HTML visible, before you copy-and-paste it into the forum. I looked at the source of what you posted; and, for a reason beyond my understanding, it has the codes which are needed to make angle brackets visible (usually they are invisible, since they are used to identify HTML commands). Anyhow, I copied what you posted and pasted it in again, and it works correctly now. I did make one change - your Q:40 line made the song play altogether too slow, so I figured you must have meant it to be 140. Otherwise, your first posting is a perfect training example of how a song should look in the message posting box BEFORE you hit the "submit message" button. Looks to me like you're catching on very well.
-Joe Offer-