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Posted By: Janie
21-Aug-07 - 10:21 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads

Nothing amusing to say.

But posting here sure beats...
a. working on the the 2006 books to finally get the taxes filed
b. working on the financial statements and affidavits needed to push through with a pre-divorce property settlement,
d. filling out on-line job applications for positions I don't want but might need to consider in light of the continued turmoil in public mental health
e. making a list of all the repairs that need done to the house if I get it and need to put it on the market
f. calling the several people I started gardening work for earlier in the summer to explain that things got weirder at work and I was too busy to get over there and finish what I had started, and also too depressed to call them, but can I have the check for the work I already did anyway and maybe I'll be able to restart and/or finish what was in progress by early July when I pulled a dissapearing act, but maybe not, things are still pretty bizarre

And when I take a moment to realize my belly button truly is not the center of the universe, I know absolutely that all the above is well and truly absolute bullshit so what better place to post it than here.

So let us all focus our minds and meditate on the following:

Ready? Focused?

Nice, slow, natural, belly breathing?

Good. Now, as one, let us say the mantra -





Much better.