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Posted By: Giant Folk Eyeball (inactive)
23-Aug-07 - 06:12 PM
Thread Name: Songbooks: Review: The Folk Handbook
Subject: RE: Review: The Folk Handbook
Nice post, Joe, almost all of which I agree with (that's two of us stroppy Brits being nice already! What are you trying to do?). Agreeing with Diane's comments, I'd point to a band like Mawkin as an example of someone clearly rooted in tradition, yet moving it forwards, writing new material in keeping with the traditional tunes they do... and nary a ballad in sight.

I'd also say that the worst thing you can do to traditional music isn't to squabble over it or even restrict it. It's to ignore it.

Finally, can I confess to being a non-musician and non-singer who hates joining in with the actions or the chorus or even clapping along? I go to watch and listen (and dance if it's that kind of music...). I don't expect anyone to have to watch or listen to me having some kind of empowering community experience. Even out of pity. I'd even go as far as to say that there's plenty of traditional music in the UK that was performed and listened to, rather than joined in with. Communal singing sessions are only a part of the tradition, and for me personally, a part I'd strive to avoid like the plague. I'm happy for other people who like that kind of thing, but I hate it when it starts to feel compulsory.