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Posted By: Kaleea
24-Aug-07 - 08:55 PM
Thread Name: Bible School songs
Subject: RE: Folklore: Bible School songs
Azizi, I also learned that version of Jesus loves the little children. It was also sung in many "Indian" churches, too, as were many of what I think of as "Sunday School Songs." I went to small, mostly "white" churches as a child. Later as a choir director, I taught the same songs to the kids. Kids always enjoy "Praise ye the Lord/Halleluia" where they alternate standing up & sitting down.
While growing up in Oklahoma, I have known only a handful of people who actually appeared to be "red," mostly the very old elders of the tribe, (mine or another) or some young kids (mostly whites) who spent the entire summer outside with little on but cutoffs & maybe a sleeveless shirt. Funny thing is, since the Irish on my Mother's side shows in my skin, most people other than family or tribal members) don't think of me as "Indian" or "red." I have rarely heard the word "red" used amongst family or tribal members. If so, it was an elder-long ago. I sometimes hear the term used by an accasional "Indian aka Native/indigenous American" person, usually from Arizona or New Mexico or West Texas, or even Mexico or South America, when they are describing our/their peoples as the color of the earth--sometimes the color used is copper or translates as copper.
& by the way-when I was in the Far East, years ago, I never saw anyone who was "yellow." The only people I've ever seen who were actually yellow had liver disease.