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Posted By: Azizi
25-Aug-07 - 12:35 AM
Thread Name: Bible School songs
Subject: RE: Folklore: Bible School songs
Kaleea, thanks for sharing your experiences with that "Jesus Loves The Little Children" song. That was interesting.


Dean, you said Watch carefully now, and I'll teach you the hand movements to go with the "Wise Man Built His House Upon The Rock" song . It was such a looong time ago that I was a child that I can't remember if we did any hand motions with this song or not.


I do remember a children's choir singing the Hallelu Hallelu Hallelu Hallejah Praise Ye The Lord song. But I think I was a teen when I first heard a choir sing this. I seem to recall the children standing when they started singing this but sitting down at some point when they said some part of the word Hallelu {pronounced hal lay loo}. Was it on the "lay" part of that word? I can't remember...


Does anyone else know this Children's Christain song?
{from my memories of Baptist church services or Vacation Bible School, Atlantic City New Jersey, 1950s}


Jesus wants me for a sun beam
to shine for Him each day.
In every way try to please Him
at home, at school, at play.

A sun beam
A sun beam
Jesus wants me for a sunbeam
A sunbeam
A sunbeam
I'll be a sunbeam for Him.


Now that I think of it, for years the "tiny tot" choir was called "The Sunbeams", probably after this choir.

I have no idea who wrote this song. It had a moderate tempo. The choir sung this and other songs to the accompaniment of the pianist. {In those days in our Baptist church we didn't have any musical accompaniment [instruments] but a piano and an organ-and on a rare occassion, someone playing a tamborine. Nowadays, that same church has a drummer, and somtimes a guitarist in addition to the piano and organ.