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25-Aug-07 - 12:10 PM
Thread Name: Songbooks: Review: The Folk Handbook
Subject: RE: Review: The Folk Handbook
I once lived almost next door to Bert Jansch who I really don't think regards himself as a 'populariser' (unless you're counting that Xmas carol single he put out once).
Jolly nice chap but not for trying to play along with. Blimey!
Anyway, he's Scottish . . .

As for the Chieftains (who are Irish) it actually wouldn't surprise me if they recorded with Mr O'Donnell (who is also Irish).
Mr Moloney seems to have an ambition to play with every clapped out MOR crooner on the planet and has even recorded with the bleedin' Corrs.

And the kRusby, well she's done it with Ronan Keating (who's also Irish).
When those Irish turn their minds to vomit-inducing MOR tat there's no room for half measures.

It's what 'non-folk English' have been bludgeoned into thinking about English trad that concerns me.
And it's why musicians like the aforementioned Chris Wood (to name but one so as not to be invidious and miss someone important off a list) with his composing, arranging, interpretations and tireless teaching) holds the key to turning round the tanker (as it were).