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Posted By: Azizi
26-Aug-07 - 11:14 AM
Thread Name: Bible School songs
Subject: RE: Folklore: Bible School songs
I want to clarify that back in the 1950s when the African American children's choir I belonged to sung the "red and yellow, black, and white" line to "Jesus Loves The Little Children" we didn't think anything was wrong with any of those color references for races when they were used the song. But way back then {and as I indicated in my previous post} sometimes nowadays, children didn't want anyone calling them "black" or "blackie".

As an adult, I'm concerned about the "red" and "yellow" references for racial groups {and not the "white" and "black" color references}.
And, yes, I know that there are really no white, or black, or red or yellow colored people in the world.

As merely a suggestion, as a means of conveying the message that Jesus loves everyone no matter what their race or color, how about changing the words of song to:

Jesus loves the little children,
All the children in the world.
Jesus loves each boy and girl
in every nation in the world.
Jesus loves the little children in the world.


Maybe that version repeats the word "world" too much. But that's one purposeful folk process solution to what may not be perceived as a problem to other folks...