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28-Aug-07 - 05:00 PM
Thread Name: BS: What are the absolutes of good writing?
Subject: RE: BS: What are the absolutes of good writing?
That would be the Yamato and the Musashi. They mounted the largest guns ever put on battleships, and were the largest 2 battleships ever built. The Yamato is very famous, but the Musashi less so, perhaps because Musashi was the 2nd one built, and the first of the two to be sunk. Musashi deserves more fame, I think, because she absorbed the most incredible number of bomb and torpedo hits before finally going down in the Battle of Leyte Gulf. No battleship ever put up a more dogged fight against air attack than Musashi did.

Yamato, however, met the more dramatic fate of being destroyed almost alone (aside from a few small escorts), being overwhelmed by several hundred USA carrier planes in 1945, late in the war...and going down on what was clearly a suicide mission. She sailed for Okinawa with only enough fuel to reach the enormous American invasion fleet...and die there fighting against impossible odds.

That's drama! Yamato's last mission was nothing less than a seaborne kamkikaze attack against utterly hopeless odds, a deliberate sacrifice for honor's sake alone...a Wagnerian charge into the abyss.

As such, the Yamato has been very well remembered, specially in Japan. The ship has virtually become a religious icon there. There are scale more models available of it than of any other ship in history (with the German Bismark probably coming in second to that). A very good movie was made in Japan about Yamato a couple of years ago. I recommend it.