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Posted By: Rumncoke
29-Aug-07 - 06:16 AM
Thread Name: Basset howls along with accordion...
Subject: RE: Basset howls along with accordion...
My hearing was always set to slightly higher sounds than average - I can hear some bats,and those 'silent' dog whistles, but I can't hear low notes - most notably the engines of a ginormous tanker coming up behind the yacht when I was stearing - the look on the face of my relief coming up from below and then turning to see the bows looming up in the darkness will probably stay with me for life.

Accordions usually make the most dreadful harmonics, high enough not to be included on recordings - after all who could hear them? Apparently me and dogs.

If played gently the harmonics are much reduced, but get someone really making the thing honk and it is torture. I was trapped in a really crowded room with a beginner on a huge accordion really giving it a thrashing, and I was in hysterics because it felt as though my skull bones were suffering something close kin to continental drift.