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Posted By: Genie
29-Aug-07 - 12:11 PM
Thread Name: Copyright warning - bloggers!
Subject: RE: Copyright warning - bloggers!
An aside: (Pedant alert!)

For what it's worth, this discussion is about "copyright" (authorship/ownership protection), not to be confused with "copywrite" (which has to do with printing or typing verbal material).

Back to the discussion.

I agree that bloggers need to seek the permission of copyright holders before "sharing" other people's songs on the web.   And the artists themselves have a dilemma: where is the line between giving away 'samples' (as advertising and promo) and sabotaging your business by removing people's incentive to pay for your product?

I think the practice of providing short (but not too short) sound clips from songs can go a long way towards solving that problem.    If you can make available, free, a clip that's long enough to really demonstrate how good a song is, but not long enough to be a good substitute for buying the song, that would seem to serve both purposes (advertising and encouraging people to spend $ on your songs).

I kind of wonder why a blogger who claims to be someone's "fan" would not use a short clip on the site instead of "sharing" the whole song.