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Posted By: Stringsinger
29-Aug-07 - 04:43 PM
Thread Name: BS: What are the absolutes of good writing?
Subject: RE: BS: What are the absolutes of good writing?
Kat, it seems you have the answer to the question already.

It's a fun thread, though.

Writing is such a personal matter that like taste is music as it evokes passionate debate. Some are grammarians, and some just free-flow. Some can combine the two.

I like writing that evokes personal feelings. I like writing that paints pictures and moves with action. I like writing that gives an insight into the writer. I like words to do what they need to do, be written bold, italic, block, dialect or dirty as long as they convey emotion, elicit empathy and excitement.

If a writer does a run-on sentence or a paragraph and a half to suggest a single idea, it better be a good one otherwise my patience runs out. If I find something like this, I generally rewrite it for myself in my head.

Maybe the answer is that there are no absolutes in good writing. "Good" is too general a term. I want to rephrase the question. What are elements of interesting and arresting writing? What makes a reader eager to turn the page or to read on?