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Posted By: mattkeen
30-Aug-07 - 04:43 AM
Thread Name: Copyright warning - bloggers!
Subject: RE: Copyright warning - bloggers!
Its actually VERY unlikely that the people who are getting tracks for free would have come and paid for them otherwise.

They just wouldn't have come across you.

I personally find clips irritating even 1 minute ones. Better to give away a track or two.

Others giving away whole albums is, of course, a serious abuse, but we have to find away to make it work to our advantage. Unfortunately you will not be able to stop it completely.

In any case we have all been doing something similar for decades - can anybody say they have not got unpaid for copies (inc old cassettes!) of their mates paid for albums. Not that this excuses it, just saying it is not entirely new phenomena. The scale has changed perhaps.

Finally, I personally would love it if there were hundreds of extra people out their listening to my stuff!