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30-Aug-07 - 04:52 AM
Thread Name: Folklore: Tag banned in Colorado Springs School
Subject: RE: Folklore: Tag banned in Colorado Springs School
We had a playground game called "scrum". Someone took a ball from a group who were playing with it and two teams formed (how you knew who was in your team I'm not sure). You threw the ball to members of your team, the other team tried to get it. The teams enlarged till most of the playground was playing. Of course that may not have been the game the ball's owners wanted to play, but it didn't get viciously rough.

On the last day of term it was traditional to have a group singing in a circle in the playground, this also enlarged to include most of the school of 300. Can only remember a few songs, maybe the Conger, and
"She was bathing in the river and she got her feet wet
But she hasn't got her - - (two claps, I think) wet yet"
to the tune John Browns body, various verses until her head is wet, but still not her - - (whatever that was).

Scrum was frowned on, but never banned. One year the singing was banned, because the Boys School in the other end of the building had lunch earlier and were having their end of term service. Great indignation all round, and a determination that "if they say 'no singing' we won't sing the hymns in the end of term service"

This was at Secondary school in Chiswick England (age 11-18, 1950s)