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Posted By: GUEST,Val
30-Aug-07 - 05:56 PM
Thread Name: Copyright warning - bloggers!
Subject: RE: Copyright warning - bloggers!
A copyright notice will not stop dishonest people from ripping you off. Imbedded anti-piracy software might slow down some dishonest people for a little while, but will annoy a lot of honest ones. So basically if you have a product that CAN be easily copied, most likely someone WILL copy it.

I would like to think most people who listen to music (especially folk-ish stuff) are generally honest. Do you think that if they were gently reminded that unauthorized copying is wrong and can be hurtful to the ARTIST (rather than to a faceless corporate behemoth), that they might be a little more respectful?

Creative Commons does not attribute any greater, less, or different control than does regular Copyright. However CC is trying to make a more convenient & user-friendly system by which creators can communicate how much they are willing to allow consumers to use their stuff, with what restrictions, and also how to contact the creator for permission for further use. CC has no enforcement ability - if someone wants to abuse or ignore a creator's rights, it doesn't matter whether the work is registered with the Copyright office, Creative Commons, or anyone else. You the copyright holder must use the legal system (or vigilante methods? Naw, I wouldn't suggest that) to pursue justice.

I suspect most people are honest consumers who are confused about copyright and/or feel some faceless profiteering Corporations are being overly draconian toward the mostly-innocent public rather than going to the trouble to pursue the serious criminals or those who intentionally flaut the law. Perhaps most consumers just need a gentle nudge to encourage them to do the right thing?

Printing a copyright notice on the CD jacket - even if it is in big print and in an obvious location - will not do much good if only the sound files are ripped and distributed without at least an image of the entire jacket.

Alas, I suspect to get the reminder out to those who need it and would benefit from it, you might have to record a verbal reminder at the front or back of every song on an album - something to the effect of "All rights to this recording are reserved. Unauthorized copying is naughty. If you want to make a copy, contact me at xxxxx and we'll discuss it". Of course, that would rather spoil the flow of the music, wouldn't it?