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Posted By: Giant Folk Eyeball (inactive)
31-Aug-07 - 05:22 AM
Thread Name: Copyright warning - bloggers!
Subject: RE: Copyright warning - bloggers!
Jin Carroll said: 'We are at present working to set up a local archive of field recordings and our ultimate aim is to make as much as possible available on line. Perhaps we are being a trifle hasty - please advise.'

Please don't be put off from your plans, Jim - it sounds as if you are attempting to develop a welcome and worthwhile resource that will continue to keep these songs available - the internet as 'song carrier', if you like.

I'd strongly suggest you get in contact with the folks from Woven Wheat Whispers Contact WWW who have set up a successful legal folk download site from scratch in the past couple of years. I'm also aware they are normally more than happy to share their knowledge and skills with others in the folk community.

There is information about their rationale etc on their 'help' page, if you want to check 'em out before you contact them: What they're about! . I think they're coming from a good place. This isn't an ad for them, btw, so sorry if it comes across that way. It's just an attempt to offer positive support to Jim's project.

On a different note, Tabster wrote 'the copy for your mates was always illegal and unethical as well, as it happens.' Whilst you're right of course, are you honestly saying you've NEVER copied an album for a friend or recieved a copy? Ever? And what about this: a few years ago, a friend copied me an album by the Willard Grant Conspiracy. I liked it so much that I now own paid-for copies of every album they've ever done, including the one that was burned for me. That's money I would never have spent without participating in an 'unethical' act.

I think artists should do what's right for them when they find out about bloggers giving their stuff away without consent. Some will be outraged and act accordly, some will be pleased. I think however, the best remedy is to find as many online outlets you approve of as possible and use them to the hilt - i.e. make it easier for people to find your stuff from an authorised rather than unauthorised outlet. There are great resources already out there! In that context, I think it's a bit unfair to dismiss Sedayne's helpful suggestion about Woven Wheat Whispers - it's worked for him and many other artists in terms of both free and paid-for content.

Finally, Tabster asserts that 'in the past there was never the chance to listen before you purchase'. Not so! People have always been able to hear music before they buy to some extent. Most decent independent record stores would always play stuff for you, you could hear it at friends' houses or on the mix tapes they did for you(!)... but now that I can listen to music online and properly preview it, I certainly spend more on music than I used to. And do you know what? My collection is no longer full of crushingly awful records bought on spec.