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Posted By: Bee
01-Sep-07 - 04:02 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Carrion Crow (2)
Subject: RE: Origins: Carrion Crow (2)
Q, maybe so, and I don't for a minute doubt you, but I can with reasonable assurance state that it has not been widely sung or read among the children, childcare workers (which I was for thirty years), or school teachers in Nova Scotia since at least the 1970s (and before, as I never saw it myself until I was a teen, and then only because I enjoyed folktales and songs). Nothing to do with what I personally think (I think modern children are overly sheltered from words), but what with the shooting of bird and pig, not to mention mourning piglets, it would just not be sung here with children, more's the pity.

Wife, oh wife, hand me my bow
That I might shoot yon carrion crow

The tailor shot and he missed his mark
He shot his own sow bang straight through the heart

Wife, oh wife, bring me brandy on a spoon
The old sow's fallen down in a swoon

Oh, said his wife, You're a silly old louse (goose)
You've killed the old sow and you don't care a mouse

Oh, said the tailor, I care not a mouse
We'll have black pudding, chitterlings, and souse

The old sow died and they threw her in a hole
The little pigs squealed for their mother's soul