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Posted By: Richard Bridge
02-Sep-07 - 05:17 PM
Thread Name: Faversham Hop Festival
Subject: RE: Faversham Hop Festival
There were mixed sessions in the Crown and Onanist on the Friday and Saturday evenings.

On the Friday I was there but then went for a long, long walk to get away.

On the Saturday I went for a short walk and then to talk to some friends in the smoking area - also to get away. A fiddler arrived looking for the Elephant but trying us in lieu. He didn't even get his fiddle out.

On Sunday I did hear one of the Rock and Roll bands do a mean version of "Reet Petite" - to give balance last Knockholt I suprised a bloke with a nice Martin OM size (maybe a 21) by identifying "20 Flight Rock" before he had played 3 bars - and this weekend I was vexing the folk police by playing the mandoplank (with a "hot rails" copy pickup in bridge position) for the side, and getting some VERY DIRRTY distortion on it through a little portable Yamaha amp...

Sunday early PM I sat in the non-singing bar of the Railway and idly dozed under my hat for lack of interest in the sing in the other bar. It's a shame there no longer seems to be anywhere to do anything other than diddle (I think there were some diddling sessions, I'll leave others to comment) or belt out the loudest chorus songs. I saw Davey Slater tune up - but then had to go to play for the side...

Substitute interest was provided by the Morris version of "Peyton Place" on Friday. In some ways it's a bit like a square dance - the music moves and all change partners... But as an observer in all that, it is a delight to watch the most skilful operators (of both genders) play the game and manipulate the other players.

My weekend was rounded out upon my return home, as I went to empty the vardo grottibotti, to discover that the Lower Stoke foul sewer had backed up AGAIN so that instead of a 6 foot hole under my manhole cover there was a 6 inch gap then sewage. Southern Water has now got the drain running again so I can start to run the washing machine...

All in all - at best a curate's egg.