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Posted By: MystMoonstruck
04-Sep-07 - 03:51 AM
Thread Name: Tables of Contents are welcome!
Subject: RE: TABLES of CONTENT are welcome!
Thank you for the information. I have spent most of two days searching for the contents of several books but have failed, no matter how many sources I check. That's why I would like to place listings here, and I'm willing to do this with as many books as I can find, including those in my collection. I've seen song listings, but that isn't what I wanted to do here. I thought it would be nice if other seekers could find their way to Mudcat in order to have questions answered. If they did a search for a song, perhaps it will bring them to this remarkable site.

Certainly, lyrics would be an impossibility, especially with all of the variations, but a compilation of songbook contents could help everyone. I will be checking all of the links you have provided; I love research, so each link will be intriguing. I haven't been on the Net very long, so I simply might not have looked in the right places. I do understand that it's how a search is entered, but I've tried so many variations without much success.

You have the "Bonnie Bunch of Roses" TOC?! I definitely need to check out that one! Perhaps I'll find material that will spark my will to play my bowed psaltery again since the flareup of my illnesses seems to be winding down. Knock on wood!!!

If doubleposting is OK, I'll type in TOCs from some of the books I have. I'm finding that some of the least likely looking books sometimes hold wonderful surprises; I'll bet many are overlooked because they might look like run-of-the-mill collections. I don't want anyone to think that I look down my nose at any song. I love the variations and learn as many as I can. My favorite is an ancient-sounding, solemn version of "The Mermaid"; while the lyrics are similar, the melodies are a world apart. Someday, I'll be able to go to Ireland; none of my family ever got to go back, but I dream of it.

By the way, I've set this site on my Favorites list.

Thank you for your advice. I truly appreciate it. I hope people will be forgiving if I make errors; I'm still learning about the Internet and forums.