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Posted By: Azizi
04-Sep-07 - 08:00 AM
Thread Name: Bible School songs
Subject: RE: Bible School songs
Here's two more songs that I do remember from Vacation Bible School, Sunday School, and church {from 1950s Babtist church [African American], Atlantic City, New Jersey}

We are little workers,
Cheerful, faithful, strong.
Working for our Saviour
All the whole day long.
Do you think us tiny?
Well, we are 'tis true.
But we'd like to tell you
All that we can do:

Sing for Him
Pray for Him
Work for Him each day.
Worship Him
Honor Him
and His will obey.
Give Him love
Give Him {grace?]
Love His Bible too.
Even though we're little folks.
That's what we can do.




My Lord is so high
You can't get over Him.
So low
You can't get under Him.
So wide
You can't get around Him.
You must come in
at the door.

{Verse #1}:
Some people go by water
Some people go by land
But if
you want
to go to heaven
Well, you must go
hand in hand



I'm sure there are other verses to this song, but I can't remember any other verses.