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Posted By: MystMoonstruck
04-Sep-07 - 06:34 PM
Thread Name: Tables of Contents are welcome!
Subject: RE: TABLES of CONTENT are welcome!
I can't believe that I just zapped my post! *SIGH*

I wanted to let you know that I thought the chart on Oak Publications was the end of that section. I didn't scroll down far enough to find what you were directing me to. I definitely am a newbie to the Net and sometimes make embarrassing errors.

I see that my notion of TOCs in one thread could become cluttered. A thread for each author makes sense.

I have a problem that holds me back is my extremely poor vision, which makes the forum links very difficult to read. I'm starting to understand how things are set up here, but I admit to having trouble reading the very tiny type that links appear in. Again, I'm sorry if I messed up by starting this thread, but I still can use it to record TOCs of books that I have purchased at reenactment events. They aren't professionally published works but might be available through mail order or at events.

About my remark about song listings: I know titles and various versions of titles for songs. What I like to see are those tantalizingly unfamiliar titles, ones I've not encountered in other books or in my ever-growing collection of LPs, cassettes and CDs. I was hoping the spark of "new old" songs would help me get through the yearlong flareup of my illnesses. I'll be so happy when I can hold psaltery and bow again without fear of dropping them. Sure, the bow has handled a few spills, but the psaltery... I dropped it once, and that was scary enough. But, I might have need of the song listings sometime; I'm happy to know that I have a place to look for them.

With each visit, I'll learn more about this site that I hope to revisit as often as possible.

Our library is hopeless. Once, they had several dozen songbooks. Now, there are very few because they pull them from the shelves for their annual sale! They used to have Kine's book of Shakespearean songs; when I phoned to see if it was available, I was told it had been pulled off the shelf, as was a Sandburg book and several others. Back then, I didn't have access to a copier, or I would have made copies of some of the songs for my notebooks. I tried handcopying, which sometimes works except with more intricate melodies; my handwork is never clear enough, no matter how careful I try to be. Also, our library is not very handicap-friendly; I can't even get to their sale because it's in the basement. I've offered to buy books they plan to pull, to pay a good price, more than they would get at the sale, but they refuse for some unknown reason though they did sell me editions of "Screen World" when I asked. So, the local library is no source. Several years ago, I visited libraries 30 and 45 miles away (something I no longer can do); even these larger cities had few books of traditional music, instead offering Broadway and pop music books.

I see that and other places request public input. If I do order books, I do intend to leave a review and perhaps a listing or partial listing of the contents.

Thanks to everyone for responding and giving me guidance, information, support and reprimands. If I don't reply directly to it, please forgive me. I've been trying to read all of the posts to make sure that I haven't missed something, but I'm sure I will.

Forgive me if I seem a bit addled at times. I'm still adjusting to the environment of sites and forums and am feeling rather overwhelmed by all of this. I haven't had a computer or the Net for very long, so I'll sound rather clueless at times. Please bear with me. The Net is rather scary territory--for me at least.