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Posted By: GUEST,Julie ( I'm at work)
19-Apr-00 - 04:57 AM
Thread Name: BS: Nicknames
Subject: RE: BS: Nicknames
Thanks for all the response. I think I'm just the sort of person who never got a nickname. My parents call me Jules. My brothers both had nicknames - Haggis ( scot living in Yorkshire) and Fozzie ( from the surname and also Fozzie Bear) so I became Haggis's sister or Fozzie's sister depending on which set of friends it was. My daughter is Cat ( short for Catriona) or Kitcat. I'ld live with it. I'm going to continue using song titles and classic quotes for passwords. What about - "Smoke me a kipper I'd be back for breakfast". I will be stuck if we move to Windows NT because I think we're limited to 14 characters. In a similar vein some of my friends used to name file servers depending on what was on the radio so we had "Wild Thing", "Dancing_Queen" And "Charmless_Man". Looked great in the documentation.