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Posted By: MystMoonstruck
05-Sep-07 - 10:08 PM
Thread Name: Tables of Contents are welcome!
Subject: RE: TABLES of CONTENT are welcome!
OMG! The View does help! Thank you so much! If I can do this everywhere, it will expand the places I can visit, many of which have difficult-to-read fonts or ones that are too small. You see that I really don't know much about PCs and the Internet. I've learned some things by experimenting, but I certainly would not have considered trying to enlarge print, which is wonderful! Yippee! Thanks again!

Thanks to everyone for providing me links to places. I've already added these sites to Favorites--which someone explained to me early in my Net travels. If she hadn't, I'd be hopelessly lost. When I started, I knew next to nothing. So, I appreciate any and all advice.

I'm amazed by the resources available and will be trying these links. Hmmm... Perhaps I should start some sort of notebook since I'm more accustomed to dealing with hard copy. I already experienced my laptop refusing to open a disk that held lots of penpalling info. *SOB* Now, I find it hard to trust disks, so someone suggested a zip disk, which I have but haven't had the courage to try to use. I know: I'm such a coward. I do appreciate every bit of help I'm receiving and hope to be a worthwhile member here, even if I oopsed a couple of times: no alert for a new song and starting this particular thread, which I still could put to good use with books I've purchased at reenactment events.