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Posted By: kendall
06-Sep-07 - 04:47 PM
Thread Name: The latest on Kendall's voice
Subject: The latest on Kendall's voice
Well, I'm back from Boston, and here's what the man said.After nearly two
hours of manual manipulation of my larynx, and squeezing my throat like he
was trying to throttle me, and asking me to make a myriad of sounds, he
said, there is a voice there, and it needs three things to bring it out.

Also, to continue working with my therapist in Portland, and regular
sessions with Dr. Roediger, my ENT, and with Dr. Shapshay, the surgeon, to
be sure the cancer does not return.

The exercises he gave me are silly sounding, and boring. Some of them are
painful, which goes against my nature. No pain, no pain is my motto. But, I
know Jacqui is going to crack the whip and make me miserable if I don't keep
up with my end of the deal.
He also said that I probably shouldn't expect a call for me to replace Pavarotti.