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09-Sep-07 - 11:53 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: I'm Going Away (Elizabeth Cotten)
Subject: Lyr Add: I'M GOING AWAY (Elizabeth Cotten)
I found a copy that I made for a paper I was working on for a college class.   You may approach Stormking Music to see if they have sheet music still available for this. I think I found the song originally in a book of women's folk music in the downtown library in Austin, TX. In singing, I often change the first line of the third verse to "Never gonna be no blue sky, 'sgonna always be gray", even though that changes the rhyme scheme from AAAB to ABBA. It just comes out of my mouth that way -- I guess that's how a composed song becomes a folk song! I don't actually know if Libba Cotten composed this from scratch, or if it is her version of a folk song. I love the jaunty tune.

The recording which served as the source for this song is Shake Sugaree, Elizabeth Cotten, Vol. 2 LP, Folkways FTA 31003 (83).

1. I'm going away, baby, and I'm going to stay,
You spends all my money. You got no time for me.
I'm going away honey, and I'm going to stay.
Baby you're going to miss me.
That's when I go away.

You calls me your honey,
You spends all my money.
Then you think that's funny?
That's why I'm going away.

2. You know you were't true, baby, I believed in you,
I am broken-hearted, just over the way you do.
You said you loved me, honey, no other one but me,
You never gave me no lovin' -- that's why I'm going away.


3. Never gonna be no sunshine, 'Sgonna always be rain,
Honey, you're gonna want me to come back again,
Never gonna be no sunshine, s'gonna always be rain,
You never gave me no lovin' -- that's why I'm going away.


That's why I'm goin' away.

(Chorus again)