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Posted By: GUEST,Jonny Sunshine
10-Sep-07 - 11:21 AM
Thread Name: Freygish Scale?
Subject: RE: Freygish Scale?
Think you're right there Mooh, A Freygish scale is indeed not the same as the Phrygian. The third note is a major third. I never knew it had a name! You learn something every day.

I tend to think of scales as a set of intervals relative to the root, rather than the tone-tone-semitone thing (probably because they tried to explain scales to me that way at school way before I was ready to understand them), of course it's another way of looking at the same thing, that way the Freygish scale would be:
root, min2, maj3, perf4, perf5, min6, min7
the big gap between the minor 2nd and major 3rd gives it a very distinctive sond.

The Freygish scale in E would be the same notes as A harmonic minor, but starting on an E:
E F G# A B C D E

That would give you the main chords of E(major), Am, Dm, F major), plus various flavours of 7th and dimished chords.