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Posted By: Fibula Mattock
12-Sep-07 - 08:03 AM
Thread Name: BS: Driving to Mongolia in a Nissan Micra
Subject: RE: BS: Driving to Mongolia in a Nissan Micra
Hullo there, I'm back.

Yup, we did it. 33 days across France, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Russia and Western Mongolia until we reached UB. We were 11 of those days in Western Mongolia driving across the north of the country on no roads, through rivers, in sand, and over mountains. Rather tough but unbelievably amazing.

And so I'm back and hating being back. I'm already planning next year's rally. I haven't been this happy or so relaxed in a very long time, so the sooner I can get away again the better.

Thanks for the support - we're still gathering in our sponsorship money but we've already lifted over £2000 and hope to get more.

Here are some photos:
Link to rally photos -
(You don't need to log in to view them, just click on the yellow
'View Slideshow' button then step through them using the forwards and
backwards arrow as the 'play' button makes them zoom by too quickly.)