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Posted By: Biskit
19-Apr-00 - 11:36 PM
Thread Name: BS: Nicknames
Subject: RE: BS: Nicknames
Dearest Julie, There have been many folks take many, many guesses at from whence came my moniker, I'm a trucker in the U.S. and it is also my CB handle, I've had folks guess that it's because I only take the "gravy" loads, I've even jokeingly told folks that add a little honey,... well you get the idea. But the truth is...,and this is the only time I've ever said this publicly, my best friend was the only one that ever knew it before, we were going through Wyoming a few years back going past a truck stop and there was a fellow with my former CB handle talking really trashy on the radio....I didn't wanna be mistaken for this potty mouthed throw back so I decided to change my handle to one that none would ever copy, I thought babout it for a couple hundred miles and then.....and then....I saw `em a heard of buffalo off to the north of the interstate. Hence the handle....dare I say it....Buffalo Biskit, I figured I wouldn't have to worry about anyone stealing that one. well now the truth is out, I hope I can still get folks to answer my threads now that they knowe the arful truth!