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Posted By: annamill
20-Apr-00 - 12:48 PM
Thread Name: Ellen MacIllwaine Cds
Subject: RE: Ellen MacIllwaine Cds
I have two of her early albums. I have been heralding Ellen since the 60's. She used to live in Woodstock, NY as did my first husband and I. He was a dj for a local radio staion. He brought home lot's of music they didn't play. Two albums were by Ellen. I fell madly in love with her singing and playing. I could never understand why she didn't "make it".

One day I saw her walking down the main street in Woodstock and had the opportunity to tell her how wonderful I thought she was. I still play her albums for people when they come to my house.

Though, strangely enough, I've never played them for any Mudcatters. Well, usually they were making their own wonderful music.

Love, annap