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Posted By: Amos
17-Sep-07 - 12:48 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
In other news, I think they have found the secret of erectile dysfunction -- a shortage of inflatons.

"The mysterious dark matter that fills the universe could be made of the same particles that put the "big" in the big bang - explaining both inflation and dark matter in a single stroke.

Cosmologists believe that the early universe went through a period of expansion, known as inflation, soon after the big bang - although they do not know exactly what caused it. Now cosmologist Andrew Liddle at the University of Sussex, UK, and his colleagues say one particle may be responsible for both inflation and the dark matter that has been perplexing astronomers.

"We have these two mysteries that we don't really understand, so we thought, why not put them together to halve the problem?" Liddle told New Scientist. "It's so simple that at first we worried it might be ludicrous."

Liddle's theory hinges on the notion suggested by other cosmologists that inflation is caused by a hypothetical particle, aptly named the inflaton. "The inflaton has weird pressure properties that we don't see in everyday particles," explains Liddle. For instance, as they are created in the early universe, they push space apart, forcing it to expand.

The standard thinking goes that inflatons would have decayed into normal particles soon after inflation finished in the first fraction of a second after the big bang, with none left hanging around today. However, Liddle and his colleagues realised that if some inflaton particles survived after the intense burst of expansion during inflation, their mass would become important in attracting surrounding matter." (New Scientist)

Now, of course, this all depends on who is particpating in the big bang. Fractions of a second? That's a pretty rapid contraction, you ask me. Mebbe Liddle Hawk was in the test group and kinda skewed the sample, if you see what I mean. 'Course inflatons aren't what they used to be, according to a survey of Baby Boomers conducted by Kinsey Research Foundation recently.

So I hope they find some of them there inflatons. A lot more efficient than Viagra. Ol' Hack could use a couple in his pursuit of Chongo's sister Chinga...