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Posted By: Spider Tom
21-Apr-00 - 05:50 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: A Mothers' Day (Ken Robertson)
Subject: Lyr Add: A MOTHERS' DAY (Ken Robertson)
I think it would be timely to put this on a thread.
There are many Mothers' stories floating about.
Now there is another, based on a true story as told to me by (I'll let you know when I get her permission)
They say you have no secrets if you know someone who writes.

A MOTHERS' DAY. © Ken Robertson (Story, you know who.) 21/4/2000.

The kids had been out playing,
And they ran into the house,
Shouting, "Come on, Mummy, look at what we've got."
Their eyes looked so delighted,
And they were so excited,
I said, "Come on, kids. You're gonna show me, what?"

Their little hands unfolding,
My eyes were now beholding,
A vagabond, a rodent, a wee mouse.
I kept all my decorum.
A good mum won't ignore 'em.
I didn't scream, or run about the house.

"Oh! Can we keep him, Mommy?"
My kids are milk and honey.
"We can keep him in a box, feed him crumbs upon a plate,
And so he won't get lonely,
And be the one and only,
Can you take us to the pet shop, and buy the mouse a mate?"

Now, you know it's true, a mother,
Just like any other,
Can be weakened by two loving, pleading kids.
I nearly did succumb,
Until, when eating crumbs,
The little mousey ran away and hid.

Two children, broken hearted,
The mouse and they were parted.
We wound up in the pet shop after all.
I gently did coerce them,
Me, their mother, who did nurse them.
Not mice, but lovely goldfish, that was my final call.

I find it quite intriguing,
Our cat now, sticks his beak in.
I think he seems to like the look of fish.
Yet if he'd not been lax,
And done his mouse attacks,
We wouldn't own two fishes in a dish.