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Posted By: InOBU
21-Apr-00 - 08:09 AM
Thread Name: Hunter Gatherer MODERN! societies
Subject: Hunter Gatherer MODERN! societies
Our Brother Richard made the following observation in a post about guns.... Mankind evolved out of the "hunter-gatherer" stage many centuries ago.
I know Richard did not mean harm by it, however, I have worked among a modern Hunter Gatherer society, the Innu of Quebec and Labrador. We have been trying very hard to convince the world that their way IS a modern way of life. People who destroy the land for industrial progress do not have a right of ownership over the present! Hunter Gatherer societies are AS evolved as any other, as they have evolved and continued into the present day!
So, Richard, put the kettle on and listen to Yvettes Song, and someday, in early August, go to Mani Utenam, for the music festival, and meet Yvette. You will find she is a living breathing part of the 21st Century.
It does show that there is a great difference between Europe and the States. On this contenent where we still have true wilderness and rivers one can drink out of, the idea that we must tame the land rather than live with the land... well enough from me...
Hope the weather is better in England, I hear it has been horrible the last week...
All the best